Food Safety in the Home Kitchen

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Understanding and properly following food safety guidelines is an important part of cooking. No one wants to make their guests or customers sick, and it can almost always be avoided in the first place if you follow a few guidelines. But what exactly is a food borne illness?

Food borne illness is what occurs when food becomes contaminated. There are three different types of food contamination. Biological contamination (such as bacteria,viruses,and mold), Physical contamination, (such as hair, bits of plastic from packaging etc.) and Chemical contamination (such as from cleaning products, or toxins leached from metals.)

The most common type of food contamination that makes people sick is biological food contamination, which happens when bacteria etc, grow to a point where it is dangerous to ingest. This type of contamination can also come from dirty hands, improperly cleaned cooking surfaces and dirty tools and utensils. Bacteria, viruses, molds etc, all thrive especially well on certain perishable foods such as,raw meats and seafood, dairy products, cooked vegetables and tofu. Which is why it is so important to properly store and cook foods, to limit the amount

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Delectable Crumb Cake

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Easy to Make Tasty to Eat Crumb cake is one of the oldest and traditional recipes. Reckoned as Streuselkuchen; where Streusel means ‘crumb’ and Kuchen refers to ‘cake’. The dessert was born in Poland and is now prepared and served throughout the world with adaptations. The baking family recognizes it as a flat one-inch fermented dough, coroneted with a thick crumbly topping.

Preparation of a crumb cake is an easy process; however, many ingredients are involved in the making. The two-stepped method includes, the making of a flat dough and a crumbly topping separately; which are then backed together.

The mellow, dense and divine dessert can be served at breakfast, brunch or can be enjoyed at any hour.

Just Streusel

The topmost part of a crumb cake is the thickest layer, after which the desert is named. The preparation is a swift process that can involve various ingredients. Sugar, butter, all-purpose flour (1:1:2 ratio) are the basic ingredients. However, depending on your taste buds you could even add crushed pistachios, almonds, cashews or cinnamon. Mix sugar, butter and cinnamon in a bowl and pour the contents into

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COFFEE: Myths, Trivia and Facts

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Coffee is a subject that many consumers love but don’t talk much about. As a result, coffee has generated its fair share of myths and trivia.

Let’s look at the some of the facts regarding the myths and trivia.

For Your Information…


Coffee houses and shops are a modern invention, right? Wrong! King Charles II of England initiated a ban on coffee houses in 1675. He feared that his enemies were meeting in these establishments to plot against him.


Wrong. Most people associate mocha with a chocolate-coffee combination but the reality is that “Mocha” is the name of a port in Yemen. Coffee beans from Africa are transported through this port. “Mocha” has more to do with the origin of the beans than whether or not it contains chocolate.


True! US citizens love their coffee and consume some 400 million cups of java every day.


Espresso does not refer to a type of coffee bean. It refers to the way coffee is prepared. Espresso is made by forcing a small amount of hot

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9 Amazingly Known Facts About Food

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Honey Never Rots

Honey is one of the few foods that will never spoil. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, honey is a sugar, which means it contains very little moisture. Bacteria cannot grow and survive without a moisture content to live in. Also, honey has a very distinct pH balance between three and four and a half. This makes honey very acidic which will ultimately kill any microorganisms that might want to reside there. The only way honey can ever spoil is if water is added to it or if it is left exposed to moisture. Organisms will then grow, and the honey will go bad.

Apples and Cyanide

Some have wondered if apples contain cyanide. Actually, it is the apple seeds that have very small traces of the poison. Humans are not affected by this because the hard outer layer of the seed protects us from being exposed to the cyanide. Furthermore, if we did chew the seeds we have very little chance of getting sick. The amount of toxin in the seeds is not enough to cause harm, and our digestive system will detoxify whatever has been ingested.

Tomatoes Can Produce Electricity

Turns out scientist, who published

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3 Additions to Lentil Soups to Beat the Heat

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The season of the strong, hot, scorching sun is upon us again, and while in some parts of the world it might be a relief, for others it is a season of health issues due to high dehydrating factors in the environment. Luckily, in the Indian subcontinent, our ancestors had discovered important uses of certain vegetables that can help our body fight the long and hard summer.

A staple food item on the Indian palate is the age-old lentil soup. Easy to prepare, needs very less ingredients, and easier to digest when compared to other protein-based dishes, this dish has always been a hit in any kind of Indian household. But what makes a common lentil soup ready to fight the sultry summer? Here are a few quick tips that would make this soup a hit at a summer lunch table, and also provide a welcome change to your taste buds.

Addition I: Bottle Gourd

Also called lauki in Hindi, this vegetable is an excellent coolant, and is known to significantly lower the body temperature. Of course, you can make a standard stir-fry vegetable dish out of this item, but to make your life simpler in a hot day’s cooking, you

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It Pays to Know – Amazing Benefits Your Body Gets From Drinking Coffee

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Coffee is currently the world’s third most popular beverage after tea and water. According to the recent survey, people across the globe consume more or less 2.5 billion cups of coffee on a daily basis – a clear indication that this dark beverage is definitely popular and in-demand. But despite the fact that coffee is very popular, there are still a lot of people which are not convinced that drinking coffee is good for our health.

It has long been a popular debate among coffee lovers and non-coffee drinkers that drinking coffee on a daily basis is not good for the health because it contains caffeine – a psychoactive drug that is known to help combat fatigue and drowsiness. To prove these naysayers wrong, here’s a list of benefits that our body gets from drinking a warm cup of coffee regularly:

Coffee Reduces Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s

A medical research conducted last 2009 has proven that people drinking at least 3 cups of coffee daily during their midlife have a lower risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in their later years. According to the study, caffeine is responsible for reducing the number of protein beta-amyloid on our brains. Protein

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Healthy Eating – The Best Foods To Help Make Meal Prep A Breeze

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If you’re looking to maintain a healthier eating plan, one thing you will want to be doing as often as possible is preparing your meals in advance. Preparing meals up ahead will both help you stay on track and help save cooking time during the week when you tend to be most busy and less likely to squeeze meal preparation into your busy day.

The important thing to note in all of this, however, is not all foods prepare as well as others. In fact, particular foods will only last a day or two while others may hold up quite well for 4 to 5 days, or, freeze very well so can be used at a later time. These are the foods you might want to focus on when doing your meal preparation.

Let’s go over the main foods you need to focus on…

1. Chicken Breast. On the protein side of things, you can’t beat chicken breasts. They’re a firmer protein source, so can do very well in the freezer for weeks at a time. Grill up a batch of 10 to 12 breasts and serve them throughout the week.

Unlike other protein sources such as fish, for instance, they won’t

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Coffee: Did You Know It’s a Dynamic New Cooking Spice?

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If you’re a chef and in the know, you are probably acquainted with using coffee as a dynamic new cooking spice. If so, realize that you are standing on the edge of a growing new trend and your food creations are reaching ‘next level’ status.

As a creative culinary artist, you typically separate yourself as a chef by experimenting and stretching the bounds of your imagination by developing new realms for your art form. The results show up on the faces of those who eat your creations.

Using coffee as a cooking spice is a wondrous discovery. Considering the characteristics, taste subtleties, strength variances and different ways in which it can be used (the whole bean, as a liquid or grounded), it has created new breakthroughs for many dishes.


Coffee is arguably the world’s most popular drink. It is plentiful and yields enough different flavor profiles to be the perfect crossover agent and find its way to the list of ingredients associated with food recipes.


The natural questions about coffee as a recipe ingredient are:

1. Will it make my food taste like the drink?

2. Will it dominate the other herbs and spices that I use?

3. Will it

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Salt: What Is in Your Kitchen and Fridge May Be Killing You

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Salty food is tasty. It can make us lick all our fingers in the same manner as a greedy dog licks out his bowl.

Stores sell both iodized and iodine-free salts. ‘Iodized salt’ refers to salts that contain iodine. Unless one has a sensitivity to iodine, I see no reason why anyone would choose iodine-free salt over iodized salt; iodine is necessary to our health in small doses.

Sodium and chloride make up the primary chemical composition of salt. About two-fifths or 40 percent of salt is sodium.

Both sodium and iodine have roles to play in the body. Nonetheless, people who have the habit of eating very salty food risk many serious medical ailments, such as high blood pressure and strokes.

Lack of awareness of the sodium content of tasty food, drinks or snacks is partly to blame for people’s high salt consumption. An average American consumes five to ten times the amount of sodium necessary.

My eyes widened when I found out the amount of sodium in my favorite cheese, a realization which made me switch to a low sodium brand. I hope readers will do the same. Look up the sodium content of your favorite food and snacks, salad dressings,

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Nespresso Compatible Capsules

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The perfect Italian espresso is sweet and syrupy naturally. It’s not bitter or burnt and it’s definitely not an entire cupful. It’s actually no more than a tablespoon. That’s how the Italians enjoy it in bars and restaurants across il bel paese (the beautiful country) and that’s how it should be made.

True coffee aficionados are spoilt for choice when it comes to coffee types, brands and blends. But one of the most popular brands is without a doubt Nespresso coffee pods. Nespresso coffee capsules are a favourite all over the world. One problem, Nespresso isn’t Italian and its coffee isn’t made in Italy. So if you’re looking for an authentic Italian espresso. The stuff they drink in bars, then you need to expand your horizons.

But that doesn’t mean you have to bin your Nespresso coffee machine. There are plenty of compatible Nespresso pods on the market. These are coffee capsules that are compatible with your Nespresso machine at home. They won’t break them or void your warranty. They’re made especially to fit.

When it comes to Italian Nespresso pods – that is Nespresso capsules that are made in Italy, you can’t go past Gimoka. Its name has been synonymous

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